The new footway through Københavns Lufthavns Terminal 3 is the longest in Denmark.
The new footway through Københavns Lufthavns Terminal 3 is the longest in Denmark.

Photo: Københavns Lufthavn


Copenhagen Airport opens the longest indoor footbridge

The new footbridge in Terminal 3 is 100 meters long and allows direct access from the metro to the security checkpoint, Terminal 2 and SAS Fast Track. It provides a better travel experience while increasing the comfort of SAS travelers with checked baggage.

The new footbridge makes it much smoother for passengers who are only traveling with hand luggage to get from the metro to the security checkpoint and Terminal 2, because it eliminates the need for them to go downstairs and through Terminal 3 first.

Foto Københavns Lufthavn.

“Today, around 50% of passengers only travel with cabin baggage. And, as most of them have checked in online, we want to make it easy to come direct from the metro via the new footbridge to the security checkpoint and SAS Fast Track without first having to go downstairs through the busy Terminal 3,” says Operations Director Kristian Durhuus in a press release.

According to Copenhagen Airport, just over 25% of all passengers arrive by metro, and far over half of those currently use Terminal 3 as a transit area.

The new footbridge from the Metro will be able to move approximately 2 million passengers a year from the floor of the Terminal to the new shortcut, and this means greater comfort for SAS travelers.

“The footbridge is a long-awaited development and a welcome contribution to improving our customers' travel experience,” says Lars Wigelstorp Andersen, Director of Public Affairs & Infrastructure at SAS.

“Those of our passengers who arrive by Metro and only have cabin baggage, get a fast, direct way to SAS Fast Track and the central security checkpoint. For those passengers who have baggage that needs to be checked in at our check-in desks in Terminal 3, the bridge will free up more space and greater clarity. So, even though you might not think that a bridge would make such a big difference, it will improve SAS passengers’ travel experience, both in terms of a more efficient journey and increased comfort.”

Den nya gångbron sett nedifrån. Foto: Københavns Lufthavn

The new footbridge has taken almost 6 months to build and is a key part of a major renovation and expansion of Terminal 3, which also includes freshly laid floors, a new exit from the baggage collection area and a 1600 square meter extension of passenger areas. A total of DKK 250 million has been invested in the project between 2016 and 2018.

Terminal 3 is not the only place where the airport is undergoing expansion. Under the terms of the Expanding CPH growth plan, the airport is expanding and extending its capacity from serving the current level of 29 million passengers a year to 40 million passengers in the future.

The improved infrastructure and additional routes will make the world more accessible to Danish companies, and is expected to attract more tourists, businesses and growth to Denmark, with 84,000 new Danish jobs expected as a result.

Source: Copenhagen Airport

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